Casino Superstitions

Well, because casino games, especially sagame 66 roulette, dice and slots involve a lot of chances. Without a real strategy, method or any other security system that guarantees a gain, what can you do but resort to some unconventional methods? After all, superstitions are intrinsic to human culture – they have been ingrained in the human mind as long as we have been a self-conscious species. Long before organized religions, there were sacred rituals and spells, and although we have evolved a bit since the sacrifice of virgins, according to a survey, 54% of people admitted that they are superstitious. Call it a selective memory loss, irrational behavior, or mental regression, but they still influence players’ actions.

The player’s bad luck

When we discussed the psychology ofgambling, we came across the bankruptcy of gambling – an erroneous motivator in gambling thinking that asserts a non-existent reciprocal between series with the same result and a future series of the opposite. This is very common in roulette, because players continue to bet on the same color, thinking that after a certain number of reds or even successive results, a series of black or odd numbers can’t wait to happen. This is a misinterpretation of probability theory, given the random mechanisms of chance-based games such as slots, roulette and dice. The previous results do not influence in any way the following ones, so the chance to return red after a series of red results is still 50:50.

This is exactly what the mathematician Stanislaw Ulam demonstrated in 1946, when he designed the so-called “Monte Carlo Method”. Using random results in casino games, Ulam was able to develop a theory that proved that there is no correlation between results, showing that even when the ball landed on dozens of black turns, the next rotation is the same. probably landing on the black again for no reason.

Good luck with games – bad luck in love

Now, we don’t really know what to say about this without insulting or upsetting someone – after all, publishing an article in asia casino pro online in 2017 is going on thin ice, so we looked at some of the most successful players. trying to establish a connection, but the results of our recognized research have been inconclusive – for example, the inventor of the book count Edward E. Thorp, who made hundreds of millions, had a happy marriage that lasted more than 50 years. years , billionaire Bill Benter also has a loving wife and child, and then there’s Dan Bilzerian whose romantic spells include nightclub models and throwing porn stars on rooftops, so we leave this open for interpretations.

A partner who brings good luck: If you think that sa-game66 lucky charm needs additional qualities, such as breathing, for example, you can try to bring a lucky companion to help you win at the casino. Maybe a lucky charm, with a cardiovascular system that works fully in difficult times, does a better job of delighting its gambling gods than the detached limbs of a dead animal that can’t judge.

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