Book Idioms, Poker Phrases And Playing Card Expressions In Everyday Life

As you may know, 96ace gambling and card games have been among the favorite activities of people for centuries. Even ancient cultures loved them! Thus, it is not surprising that many of the commonly used expressions and idioms come from card-playing practices. And not only that! There are also many funny jokes that we can hear in our daily lives.

Facing an evil hand

Dealing with someone’s bad hand is one of the most popular book idioms. Literally, if someone deals with a bad hand during a game, it means that the cards he had would not allow him to make a winning combination of the game. However, in his sense

figuratively, the popular phrase refers to situations in which someone becomes a victim of unfair circumstances that are beyond his control.

Example : Jack was fired from work. He got a bad hand.

Have a book up your sleeve

In a game, having a card up your sleeve literally means having such a powerful card that could change the events in the game. Historically, the idyll stems from the practice of rogue players to literally put the cards up their sleeves and use them when necessary. However, nowadays the phrase book is more often used as a speech figure, which means a secret plan that could be used when needed.

Example : John could have lost his business, but he still has a book in

The Trump Book

The idiom – the book trumo has, in fact, a meaning similar to having a book on your sleeve. However, we must clarify that the expression has nothing to do with US President Donald Trump. So, taking into account all the facts mentioned above, from a linguistic point of view, the phrase means “winning book” . Taken literally, the phrase playing card refers to owning a card with a higher rank that you are ready to implement strategically to win the game. Although you can still hear the phrase while playing cards today,the trump book is used more often in its metaphorical sense . It means that you have an advantage that other people don’t know about it, it makes you more likely to succeed than them.

Example : Jane played her card. Without her signature, the apartment could not be sold.

Change books / decks

Logically, the expression for shuffling the cards comes from the dealer’s practice of shuffling the deck before each new deck of cards. The figurative meaning of the expression derives from the literal one. As a figure of speech, changing books means rearranging, changing, or reorganizing something already established , such as an organization, policy, or routine.

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